Profile of Client Company 


Companies that DCG advises usually have the following profile:

  • A strong industry-tested CEO and excellent management teams 

  • A first-rate service or product that is well-received by customers in the marketplace 

  • A strong customer base, existing revenues and EBITDA, or clear prospects for near-term revenues and EBITDA on a sustainable basis 

  • A need or desire to substantially grow its business

Representative Markets

DCG has been involved with providing advisory and consulting services to companies in the following market segments, among others:

  • Telecommunications 

    • Broadband Technologies and Services, Satellite Communications 

    • Network Infrastructure (Wireless and Terrestrial) 

    • Optical Networks 

    • Voice Recognition 

    • Unified Messaging Technologies 

  • E-business Solutions 

    • E-commerce Infrastructure Providers 

    • E-business IT Solutions Providers 

    • Application Service Providers 

  • Energy 

    • Technologies Related to Crude Oil Recovery and Distribution 

    • Superconductor and Semiconductor Technologies applicable to Power Systems 

    • Oil and Gas Services Companies, including Drilling Companies 

    • Inspection and Remediation Technologies 

  • Food

    • FoodTech

    • AgriTech

  • Health Care 

    • Pharmaceutical Products, Drug Discovery Technologies

    • Health Care Properties

    • Communications, Billing Services, Information Technologies

  • Entertainment and Sports

    • Digital Effects Companies 

    • Sports Related Parks 

    • Sports Teams and Marketing

  • Financial Services 

    • Online Financial Advice and Consultation 

    • Bank Mergers and Acquisitions 

    • Insurance

  • Real Estate 

    • Serviced Offices Industry

    • Healthcare Industry, Outpatient Facilities

    • Sale of a Major Shipyard

    • Consulting on Sale of Shipping Company