DCG provides strategic consulting advice to business entities in connection with their Merger and Acquisition strategies and programs, including consolidation strategies to create leading national and international businesses.

DCG's services include working closely with management in determining and focusing corporate strategy, conducting due diligence, establishing goals and criteria for proposed transactions, consulting and commenting on letters of intent, negotiating strategies for Merger and Acquisition and Consolidation transactions.


Representative Transactions


DCG professionals have served as consultants to mergers and acquisitions involving the following industries and companies:

Financial Services:

Goldman Sachs 

Merrill Lynch

Barnett Bank/NationsBank


Mesa Petroleum
Northwest Pipeline

Bethlehem Steel 
United Press International 
Wendy's Restaurants
Atlantic Marine Shipbuilding


AppNet Systems




MFS Communications/UUNET

Kiewit (parent of Level 3)

Metacloud Communications

Broadwing Communications

Allegiance Telecommunications

Creation of Advisory Boards and Distribution Channels


DCG has collaborated with a number of corporate clients to utilize DCG's breadth of relationships with world-class CEO level and other "C-level" executives to create corporate Advisory Boards.  These Advisory Boards not only are useful in providing guidance in key areas to growing companies, but enable companies to dramatically reduce time-to-market by capitalizing on the long-standing relationships these Advisory Board members have in the commercial marketplace.  These Advisory Board members help an enterprise create what many growing companies need most -- a viable distribution channel to the marketplace.  In this way, clients can accelerate time-to-market and, more importantly, take advantage of DCG's long-established relationships in locating the most successful targets for its products and services.

One particularly successful such arrangement - established through DCG's Atlanta Office - involved establishing a 20-person Board of Advisors which produced an effective distribution channel for Private Professional LLC, a provider of outsourced HR solutions.  These activities enabled Private Professionals to get to the marketplace months ahead of a normal sales and marketing program, providing the company with substantial revenues and cash flows.

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