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Kiewit (parent of Level 3)

Metacloud Communications

Broadwing Communications

Allegiance Telecommunications

Creation of Advisory Boards and Distribution Channels


DCG has collaborated with a number of corporate clients to utilize DCG's breadth of relationships with world-class CEO level and other "C-level" executives to create corporate Advisory Boards.  These Advisory Boards not only are useful in providing guidance in key areas to growing companies, but enable companies to dramatically reduce time-to-market by capitalizing on the long-standing relationships these Advisory Board members have in the commercial marketplace.  These Advisory Board members help an enterprise create what many growing companies need most -- a viable distribution channel to the marketplace.  In this way, clients can accelerate time-to-market and, more importantly, take advantage of DCG's long-established relationships in locating the most successful targets for its products and services.

One particularly successful such arrangement - established through DCG's Atlanta Office - involved establishing a 20-person Board of Advisors which produced an effective distribution channel for Private Professional LLC, a provider of outsourced HR solutions.  These activities enabled Private Professionals to get to the marketplace months ahead of a normal sales and marketing program, providing the company with substantial revenues and cash flows.

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