Commerce One

(Nasdaq:APNT) became the premier fully-integrated front- to back-end e-business services group, providing e-business professional services solutions, consulting, interactive media services, Intranet-based application development, transaction processing, inventory control, and related functions to large corporations. AppNet completed an IPO and built a multi-billion dollar market valuation before being acquired by Commerce One (Nasdaq:CMRC) for $2.1 Billion. 


InTANK is a leading energy services and technology company based in Laurel, Maryland. The Company’s patented systems have been deployed in over one hundred of the largest energy, utility, and chemical companies in the world, including ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, Chevron, DuPont, Conoco and the federal government. 



InPhonic is one of the world's leading wireless enterprise solutions companies, whose clients include AOL TimeWarner, Cisco, Terra Lycos, Symbol Technologies, and MGM. DCG was instrumental in creating the initial concept and strategy for the Company. DCG helped create the business plan for InPhonic.  InPhonic became the #1 growth company on the 2004 Inc. 500 list, and went public with an $800 million market cap.

Orblynx, Inc.

Orblynx developed technology, in concert with Intelsat, for caching and multicasting rich media via satellite to bandwidth-starved international markets. Orblynx allowed international ISPs and telecoms including British Telecom, France Telecom, and Teleglobe to save significantly on international bandwidth costs. 


Avogadro developed instant messaging products that provided communication service providers the ability to deliver next generation communications services in a multi-device environment. Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:OPWV), the leader of open, IP-based communications infrastructure software and applications, acquired Avogadro for $100 million. 

Village Ventures, Inc.

Village Ventures, Inc. provides financial, administrative and strategic services to a proprietary nationwide network of early-stage venture capital funds focused on non-traditional geographic markets. VVI has joined with a number of financial partners—Bain Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Sandler Capital Management and Janus Capital Corporation, among others—in order to provide strong support for this network. VVI, along with a number of its partners, also invests capital alongside the funds and has special access to second and third stage opportunities emerging from these funds. 

Shell Technology Investment Partnership

DCG was engaged by JP Morgan Partners/Beacon Group to help create the Shell Technology Investment Partnership C.V. with the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. The venture, based in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, invests in and commercializes Shell-developed technology for the energy industry. The partnership combined Shell's leading technology development skills and deployment capabilities together with Beacon's long and successful history in financing and developing emerging companies, with particular expertise in the energy sector. 


Audiopoint developed a number of next-generation, voice-driven applications for telecom carriers and enterprises.   DCG helped Audiopoint reposition its strategy and introduced the company to its strategic partner Reuters, Inc.


Tisani was an interactive agency that provided digital asset management, CRM, and web-based services to major customers including AOL Time Warner, US Air, MCI WorldCom and the World Bank. DCG advised Tisani on their merger with Panoramic.


N2 Broadband

N2 Broadband was the leading provider of distribution and management solutions for interactive television services. The company provided cable operators and content owners with the tools and services to securely distribute and profitably manage digital media assets. Customers include Time Warner Telecom and InDemand (the VoD consortium of the major MSOs).  N2BB was acquired by Tandberg TV for $130 million in 2004. 

Brivo Systems, Inc.

Brivo Systems provided remote device control solutions to businesses. The Brivo Access Control System enabled businesses to control physical access to offices, warehouses, or sensitive areas such as computer rooms, where real-time control and accountability of entry are important. 



Metacloud developed a suite of unified communications applications and services, which allow enterprises and carriers to unify their wireless and wireline voice and data services through a single converged network. Metacloud was acquired by Prosodie, Inc., one of the largest European IVR services companies. 


Knology, Inc.

Knology is a provider of voice, data, and video services to businesses and consumers throughout the Southeast. Founded by Cam Lanier of ITC Holdings, who previously founded billion dollar communications companies ITC DeltaCom, Powertel (acquired by VoiceStream), and Earthlink/MindSpring, Knology gained significant market share and built on operating metrics substantially above its competition. 


Allure Fusion Media

AFM, based in Atlanta, GA, created software that manages and digitally animates static marketing and advertising into direct to consumer messaging that is displayed at the point of decision. The licensed solution provided marketers the ability to edit, schedule and deliver text, pricing and animation content to any of its locations along the network from a graphical user Web interface. The Company added some of the largest accounts in its industry.


USAF II - United States Arbitrage Finance

DCG was engaged to help create the company’s business plan and identify strategic partners.  USAF II acquires government-guaranteed loans, strips the interest coupon and sells the principal resulting in an annuity income stream. 

Allegiance Telecom

Allegiance Telecom was a national, facilities-based CLEC with a presence in 30 major metro markets.  Allegiance was acquired by XO Communications for approximately $550 million in 2004. 

Infinite Power Solutions

IPS, based in Golden, Colorado, is an industry leader in the development of thin-film energy storage devices and power systems for micro-electronic applications. Its revolutionary LiTE*STAR micro-battery can be used to reliably power medical devices, smart cards, ID badges, semiconductors and a host of electronic and consumer devices.